Platform Notes: SunFDDI Adapter

local-mac-address Property

Each of the network interfaces of the SunFDDI adapter has been assigned a unique Media Access Control (MAC) address, which represents the 48-bit Ethernet address for that network interface. The OpenBoot firmware reports this MAC address via the local-mac-address property in the device nodes corresponding to the network interfaces.

A system is not obligated to use this assigned MAC address if it has a systemwide MAC address. In such cases, the systemwide MAC address applies to all network interfaces on the system.

The device driver, or any other adapter utility, can use the network device's MAC address (local-mac-address) while configuring it. A network interface's MAC address can be used when booting over the network.

The mac-address property of the network device specifies the network address (systemwide or local-mac-address) used for booting the system. To start using the MAC addresses assigned to the network interfaces of the SunFDDI adapter, set the NVRAM configuration variable local-mac-address? to true

ok setenv local-mac-address? true