Solaris 7 3/99 Release Notes Supplement for Sun Hardware

Flash PROM Update Multimedia AnswerBook CD

This CD provides video clips that illustrate how to perform steps involving hardware that are part of the procedures for updating the Flash PROM on some sun4u systems.

The video clips on this CD can be accessed several ways. Some software products are present on this CD to facilitate viewing of the videos directly from the CD. Do not use the AnswerBook2 server software or the ShowMe TV software on this CD to install these products permanently on a system. Instead, use the Solaris 7 3/99 Documentation CD to install AnswerBook2 server software and use the Supplement CD to install ShowMe TV software.

Note -

The video clips on the Flash PROM Update Multimedia AnswerBook CD have English language audio tracks. The volume level for the audio tracks is set to minimum. If you want to hear the English language audio track, you must adjust the audio level.