Solaris 7 (Intel Platform Edition) 11/99 Release Notes

Common Desktop Environment (CDE) Bugs

Cannot Print in dtmail for Non-ISO_1 Locales (4072209)

If you are running a non-ISO_1 locale, such as ru, hr, and pl, you cannot print emails in dtmail.

Workaround: To print an email, save the e-mail as a file and use dtpad or the lp command to print the file.

Compiling Motif Programs on Solaris 7 (4172061)

This problem occurs when compiling a Motif program in the Solaris 7 operating environment if you link to an older shared library that has been compiled in the Solaris 2.4, 2.5, 2.5.1 or 2.6 operating environments and if the older library also uses the Motif API. In this case the Motif program uses Motif version 2.1 and the old shared library uses Motif version 1.2. A core dump occurs. This is not a binary compatibility problem for applications compiled in the Solaris 2.4, 2.5, 2.5.1, 2.6 operating environments. Those applications should run correctly in the Solaris 7 operating environment.

Workaround: If you have an older shared library which links directly to the Motif library, to compile a program in the Solaris 7 operating environment which links to both Motif and that older shared library, use a compile line such as the following:

cc foo.c -o foo -DMOTIF12_HEADERS -I/usr/openwin/include -I/usr/dt/include
-lXm12 -lXt -lX11

where foo is the name of the program you are compiling.

Solaris Information Files Display in English (4202477)

If you display the 7 Solaris information files (listed in Step 2) that are included in the SUNWrdm packages and installed in the /usr/share/release_info/Solaris_2.7/locale directory, you can only view them in English even though you logged in using the European locale.

  1. Select Information from the front panel's Help menu.

  2. Double-click the Solaris_2.7 folder in the Application Manager.

    The following 7 Solaris Information files are displayed:

    • documentation_issues

    • driverupdate

    • eof

    • installation_bugs

    • new_features

    • patches

    • runtime_bugs

  3. Double-click on each file.

    It displays each file in dtpad.

Workaround: Go to /usr/share/release_info/Solaris_2.7/locale and use vi or dtpad.

PDASync Log Does Not Display Messages Alerting the User of Certain Changes Occuring During Synchronization (4248135)

The following events are not reported in the PDASync log file:

In both cases, the PDASync application behaves correctly and exhibits the same behavior found in Palm's HotSync on a PC. Unlike HotSync, however, the PDASync application does not note this behavior in its log file.

Cannot Delete Last Entry From the Desktop (4260435)

After deleting the last item from the desktop, for example the last appointment in Calendar or the last address in Address Manager, when you use the PDASync application to synchronize the handheld device, the last entry is restored from the handheld device to the desktop.

The PDASync application errs on the side of caution and forces the restoration of the last entry to the desktop.

Workaround: Delete the last entry from the handheld device.

PDASync Does Not Support Data Exchange With a Multibyte Internationalized PDA Device (4263814)

If you use the PDASync application to exchange multibyte data between a handheld device and Solaris CDE, the data may be corrupted in both environments.

Workaround: Back up your data on your PC with the your handheld device's backup utitily before you run the PDASync application. If you accidentally exchange multibyte data and corrupt that data, restore your data from the backup.

Conduit List Appears Blank After Adding or Deleting a Conduit (4264377)

After adding or deleting a conduit from the PDASync conduit list, the conduit list disappears from the Conduit tab window. The list is updated internally, but the GUI does not repaint the list.

Workaround: To force a repaint of the conduit list, click on either the Synchronization tab or Log tab, then click on the Conduit tab. The conduit list appears correctly in the Conduit tab window.

PDASync Performance Is Slow Compared to HotSync on Windows PC (4279521)

The overall performance of the PDASync application on the Solaris 7 11/99 operating environment is slower in comparison with the overall performance of HotSync on a Microsoft Windows PC. The following architectural differences are responsible for the performance differences between the PDASync application and HotSync:

PDASync May Not Delete One Instance of a Repeating Appointment From a PalmPilot PDA When Synchronizing With the Desktop (4279553)

When you delete a single instance of a repeating appointment from the desktop, and then invoke the PDASync application to synchronize the desktop with the PalmPilot handheld device, the appointment on the handheld may not be deleted. The appointment may remain on the PalmPilot.

Workaround: Delete the single instance appointment using the PalmPilot handheld device.