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Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.0 Command-Line Usage Guide

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The upgrade command upgrades a directory server instance to a newer version or reverts an instance to a previous version.


upgrade options


The upgrade command is used to upgrade a directory server instance to a new version or revert an instance to a previous version. It can be run in one of three modes:

-a, --reversionArchive directory-name

Revert the instance by using a specific reversion archive. Reversion archives are stored as subdirectories of the history directory in the server root.

-f, --file file

Specify the upgrade package (.zip) file. This option is required unless you are running the command in interactive mode.

-r, --revertMostRecent

Revert the instance to the version prior to the most recent upgrade. This option is useful for undoing a previous upgrade.

Utility Input/Output Options

Run in non-interactive mode. Prompt for any required information.

-Q, --quiet

Run in quiet mode. No output is generated unless a significant error occurs during the process.

-v, --verbose

Use verbose mode

General Options
-?, -H, --help

Display command-line usage information for the utility and exit without making any attempt to stop or restart the directory server.

-V, --version

Display the version information for the directory server and exit rather than attempting to run this command.


The following examples show how to use the directory server commands. You can use the commands on any UNIX, Linux, or Windows system that has at least the Java SE 5.0 (at least Sun version 1.5.0_08 or non-Sun version 1.5) runtime environment installed on its target system.

Example 33
Upgrading by Using Interactive Mode

The following command walks you through the upgrade process and prompts for the .zip file that will be used to upgrade.

$ upgrade
Example 34
Upgrading From a Specified Version

The following command upgrades the current files from the version contained in the specified .zip file.

$ upgrade -f OpenDS-1.1.0.zip
Exit Codes

An exit code of 0 indicates that the operation completed successfully. A non-zero exit code indicates that an error occurred during processing.

Log Files

The upgrade utility writes two log files named opends-upgrade-IDnumber.log and opends-upgrade-ext-IDnumber.log. The file is written by the upgrade process itself and the latter file is written by the zip file extraction process that takes place prior to the upgrade.

The log files are located at these paths:


The upgrade command is located at these paths:

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