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Sun Java(TM) System Directory Proxy Server 5.2 2005Q1 Administration Guide 

List of Figures

Figure 2-1    Internal High Availability Configuration       
Figure 2-2    A Distributed LDAP Directory Infrastructure       
Figure 2-3    A Centralized LDAP Directory Infrastructure       
Figure 2-4    Directory Proxy Server Setup With One Firewall       
Figure 2-5    Directory Proxy Server Setup With Two Firewalls       
Figure 4-1    Sun Java System Server Console: Servers and Applications Tab       
Figure 4-2    Sun Java System Server Console: Users and Groups Tab       
Figure 4-3    Sun Java System Server Console: Accessing Directory Proxy Server       
Figure 4-4    Directory Proxy Server Console: Tasks       
Figure 4-5    Directory Proxy Server Console: Configuration       
Figure 4-6    Directory Proxy Server Console: Encryption       
Figure 4-7    Directory Proxy Server Configuration Editor Console       
Figure 7-1    Directory Proxy Server Configuration Editor Console: Network Groups       
Figure 7-2    Directory Proxy Server Decision Tree for Determining Group Membership       
Figure 7-3    Directory Proxy Server Network Group Definition       
Figure 8-1    Mapping Schema by Using the Attribute Renaming Property       
Figure 8-2    Load Balancing Across a Set of LDAP Directory Replicas       
Figure 12-1    Two Separate Communication Links in Directory Proxy Server       
Figure 12-2    Certificate-Based Authentication of Clients       
Figure A-1    Change Group on Bind       
Figure A-2    Change Group on Establishment of TLS       

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