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Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7 2005Q1 Administration Guide 


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Part I Postinstallation Configuration

Chapter 1   Configuring Instant Messaging After Installation
Completing the Configuration Checklist
Creating a UNIX System User and Group
Configuring Instant Messaging After Installing or Upgrading
Performing a Silent Configuration

Chapter 2   Setting up and Launching Instant Messenger
Enabling Java™ Web Start
On Sun Java System Web Server Enterprise Edition
On Apache Web Container
Configuring Client Systems
Launching Instant Messenger
Running Instant Messenger From a Web Browser
Running Instant Messenger as a Standalone Application

Part II Administering Instant Messaging

Chapter 3   Configuration File and Directory Structure Overview
Instant Messaging Server Directory Structure
Instant Messaging Server Configuration File
Instant Messaging Data

Chapter 4   Administering Instant Messaging Components
Administering End Users
Registering New Users
Customizing Instant Messenger to Allow New User Registration
Registering New Users
Stopping, Starting, and Refreshing Instant Messaging Components
To Start Instant Messaging Components
To Stop Instant Messaging Components
To Refresh Component Configuration
To Check the Status of Instant Messaging Components
Changing Instant Messaging Server and Multiplexor Configuration Parameters
Managing Logging
Logging Overview
Logging Levels
To Set Log Levels
Administering Client Logging
Federating Deployment of Multiple Instant Messaging Servers
To Configure Communication Between Instant Messaging Servers
Using SSL in Instant Messaging
Requesting a Certificate from the Certificate Authority
Installing the Certificate
Enabling SSL Between the Multiplexor and Instant Messenger
Invoking the Secure Version of Instant Messenger
To Activate SSL for Server to Server Communication
Enabling SSL between two servers
Managing Instant Messaging's LDAP Access Configuration
Searching the Directory as Anonymous Users
Configuring Dynamic LDAP Server Group
Backing Up Instant Messaging Data
Backup Information
Performing a Backup
Restoring Backup Information

Chapter 5   Managing Instant Messenger
Configuring Instant Messenger
Invoking Instant Messenger
To Invoke Instant Messenger
Changing the Codebase
Changing the Web Container Port
Customizing Instant Messenger
Instant Messenger Resource Files
Customizing the index.html and im.html Files (Only LDAP Deployments)
Launching Instant Messenger Using Sun Java System Access Manager SSO
Customizing the Application (Java Web Start)
Contents Listing of imbrand.jar
Rebranding Instant Messenger
Customizing User Name Display
Customizing User Name Display in Search Results
Customizing User Name Display in Tooltip
Modifying How Client Users Search for Contacts
Administering Conference Rooms and News Channels
Granting End Users the Privilege to Create Conference Rooms and News Channels
Modifying Instant Messenger Proxy Settings
To Modify Instant Messenger Proxy Settings
Controlling the Exposed Messenger Feature Set
Instant Messenger Data Stored in the End User’s System
Using Calendar Pop-up Reminders
Pop-up Reminders Overview
Pop-up Reminders Operation
Pop-up Reminders Architectural Flow
Configuring Instant Messaging Pop-ups
Administering the Calendar Agent
Redeploying Resource Files

Chapter 6   Managing Instant Messaging and Presence Policies
Overview of Privacy, Security, and Site Policies
Site Policies
Conference Room and News Channel Access Controls
User Privacy
Methods for Controlling End User and Administrator Privileges
Introduction to Managing Policies Using Access Control Files
Introduction to Managing Policies Using Sun Java System Access Manager
Managing Policies: The Method to Use
Policy Configuration Parameters
Managing Policies Using Access Control Files
Access Control File Format
Access Control File Examples
sysTopicsAdd.acl File
Changing End User Privileges
Managing Policies using Sun Java System Access Manager
Instant Messaging Service Attributes
Modifying Attributes Directly
Predefined Examples of Instant Messaging and Presence Policies
Creating New Instant Messaging Policies
Assigning Policies to a Role, Group, Organization, or User
Creating New Suborganizations Using Access Manager
Adding End Users to New Suborganizations

Chapter 7   Managing The Instant Messaging Archive
Instant Messaging Archive Overview
Archiving Instant Messages
Enabling the Archive Provider
Configuring the Archive Provider
Archive Provider Configuration Parameters
Storing Archived Messages in a Non-default Portal Server Search Database
Managing Archived Data in the Portal Server Search Database
rdmgr Command
Searching Resource Descriptors
Deleting Resource Descriptors
Enabling Instant Messenger Archive Control
Changing the Display of the Archived Data
Sample Deployment Scenario for Archive Provider

Chapter 8   Troubleshooting and Monitoring Instant Messaging
Obtaining Instant Messenger Runtime Information
Obtaining Instant Messenger Logs
Problems and Solutions
Single sign-on does not work
The Messenger client does not load or start
Connection refused or timed out
Authentication errors
IM channel display error
Instant Messaging content is not archived
Server-to-server communication fails to start
Catastrophic Installation Failure Leaves Server in an Inconsistent State
Troubleshooting Instant Messaging and LDAP
Monitoring Instant Messaging
Administering the mfwk Agent
Viewing Monitoring Data
Troubleshooting the mfwk Agent
Troubleshooting JConsole
Managing the Watchdog Process
Determining the Status of the Watchdog
Enabling and Disabling the Watchdog
Managing Logging for the Watchdog

Part III Reference Information

Appendix A   Instant Messaging Configuration Parameters
Using the iim.conf file
General Configuration Parameters
User Source Configuration Parameters
Logging Configuration Parameters
Instant Messaging Server Configuration Parameters
Multiple Server Configuration Parameters
Multiplexor Configuration Parameters
Watchdog Parameters
Agent Parameters

Appendix B   Instant Messaging imadmin Tool Reference

Appendix C   Instant Messaging APIs
Instant Messaging APIs Overview
Instant Messaging Service API
Messenger Beans
Service Provider Interfaces
Archive Provider API
Message Conversion API
Authentication Provider API



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