Sun Cluster Data Service for Agfa IMPAX Guide for Solaris OS

Configuration Restrictions

The configuration restrictions in this section apply only to Sun Cluster HA for Agfa IMPAX.

Caution – Caution –

If your data service configuration does not conform to these restrictions, the data service configuration might not be supported.

For restrictions that apply to all data services, see the Sun Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide for Solaris OS.

Connections between the database and Agfa IMPAX are not resilient. To ensure integrity, do not configure Oracle for a local failover. Instead, use Sun Cluster's capacity to fail over to another cluster node.

For performance reasons, install the database files on a highly available local file system. Do not install database files on the cluster file system. The resulting degraded performance could affect the functionality of not only the IMPAX application, but also of the connected modalities and viewing stations.