Sun Cluster Data Service for Agfa IMPAX Guide for Solaris OS

Configuration Requirements

The configuration requirements in this section apply only to Sun Cluster HA for Agfa IMPAX.

Caution – Caution –

If your data service configuration does not satisfy these requirements, the data service configuration might not be supported.

For requirements that apply to all data services, see Configuration Guidelines for Sun Cluster Data Services in Sun Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide for Solaris OS.

Installation Requirements

Agfa IMPAX must be installed according to the installation notes that are supplied by Agfa for your specific version of Agfa IMPAX. A consultant from Agfa always installs the Agfa IMPAX software. This is a requirement for the cluster to be supported by Agfa and by Sun.

Dependency on Sun Cluster HA for Oracle

Sun Cluster HA for Agfa IMPAX depends on the Sun Cluster HA for Oracle data service and uses an HAStoragePlus resource to synchronize startup of this database resource. When your Agfa engineer installs the Agfa IMPAX software, the engineer also installs the Oracle software. Configuring Sun Cluster HA for Oracle to Support Sun Cluster HA for Agfa IMPAX contains details about the requirements for configuring Sun Cluster HA for Oracle.

Additional Libraries

Sun Cluster HA for Agfa IMPAXrequires the libraries that are provided in the /opt/SUNWscpax/impaxapp/util/ directory. These libraries enable the IMPAX application to be used in a cluster. Additionally, some scripts must be replaced in the installation. The Agfa documentation contains the details about these scripts.