Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Deployment Planning Guide

Configuring Access Manager For Load Balancer Cookies

To configure Access Manager for load balancer cookies, update the configuration for all Access Manager instances in the deployment so that the instances can recognize the load balancer. In this scenario, multiple (two or more) Access Manager instances are deployed on different host servers. A load balancer routes client requests to the various Access Manager instances. All Access Manager instances use the same Directory Server.

  1. In the Access Manager Console, configure the Access Manager deployment as a site, as described in Configuring an Access Manager Deployment as a Site. When you configure a deployment as a site, Access Manager automatically sets the fqdnMap property (in memory) to include the load balancer.

  2. In the file for each Access Manager instance, add the following properties:

    where amlbcookie is the load balancer cookie, and amserver is the name of the Access Manager host server for the instance.

  3. Restart all Access Manager instances by restarting the respective web container.