Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Developer's Guide

To Execute am_policy_test

The sample program am_policy_test evaluates the policy for the given ssoToken, resource name, and action. Before you can run this program, you must have a policy defined for the specified resource in an Access Manager server.

To execute am_policy_test, use the following command:

am_policy_test initPropertyFile ssoToken resourceName action


The path to the file.

Example: ../config/


Valid SSO Token issued by Access Manager. You can get this value from your browser after logging into the Access Manager server. See the documentation for your browser for information about how to determine the cookie values. Once you have that information, you can use the cookie value for iPlanetDirectoryPro as the value for this argument.

If the browser you are using does not provide URL decoded cookie values, you may have to decode the value yourself before using it in this sample program. Alternatively, for test purposes, you can also use the SSO value displayed in the Access Manager debugging logs.


Name of a resource for which you want to evaluate a policy. Example:

http://myServer.myDomain .com:80/myResource.html


The action name. For example GET or POST .