Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Developer's Guide

To Execute am_auth_test

The sample program am_auth_test authenticates to the specified organization using the specified authentication module. You must have an Access Manager server with a user profile set up with the corresponding authentication module before running this program.

To execute am_auth_test, run the following command:

am_auth_test [-u user ] [-p password] [-f properties_file] [-r url ] [-n cert_nick_name] [-o org_name] [-m auth_module ]

The following variables are used:


Specify the Access Manager user name.


Specify the Access Manager user's password.


Specify the complete path of the file.


(Optional) Specify the authentication login URL.


(Optional) Specify the certificate nickname.


Specify the default organization name.


Specify the authentication module type. The default is LDAP.

If no options are supplied on the command line, login uses the org_name specified in the properties file and auth_module LDAP. The user can specify the org_name on the command line to override the value specified in the properties file. Example: dc=iplanet,dc=com . In either case, the user is prompted for User Name and Password.

For certificate—based login, the user specifies auth_module Cert on the command line. The user can specify the cert_nick_name on the command line to override the value specified in the properties files. Other values affecting certificate-based login are taken from the properties file. The default properties file is ../../config/ Check to be sure the appropriate properties and values are set in the properties file before calling this program. The following properties are specific to authentication: