Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Release Notes

Console-only install configuration fails (5047119)

The installer does not configure the web container for a console-only installation on a local server.

Solution Perform a console only installation in two separate installation sessions:

  1. In the first installation session, perform a “Configure Now” install of the web container (Application Server or Web Server).

  2. In the second installation session, perform a “Configure Later” install of Access Manager Administration Console.

  3. After the second session is finished, change to the Access Manager utilities directory. For example, on Solaris systems:

    # cd AccessManager-base/SUNWam/bin/

    where AccessManager-base is the Access Manager base installation directory.

  4. Copy the amsamplesilent file and specify a new file name.

  5. Edit the copy of the amsamplesilent file to specific the configuration information, including DEPLOY_LEVEL (2 for console only) CONSOLE_HOST, CONSOLE_PORT, and SERVER_PORT variables.

  6. Run the amconfig script with the edited amsamplesilent file. For example:

    # ./amconfig -s copy-of-amsamplesilent

    where copy-of-amsamplesilent is the name of the copy of the amsamplesilent file.

    For more information about the amsamplesilent file and amconfig script, see the Access Manager 2005Q4 Administration Guide.