Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Release Notes


The import and modify display profile fails when deploying samples on a new portal on Linux. (#6301873)


The import and modify display profile fails when deploying samples on a new portal on Linux.

GUI installer cannot be used for multi-portal installation. (#6329786)


When the GUI installer is used for multiple portal installation, it displays successfully completed message but the portal is not installed on the second machine.


To perform a multi-portal installation using GUI installer, do the following:

  1. Install AM-SDK and web server on the second machine.

  2. Start the web container.

  3. Invoke the GUI installer and install the portal bits with Configure Later option.

  4. Copy the /etc/opt/SUNWcacao/security directory from the machine where. the first portal resides to the second machine and then restart the CACAO server on the second machine.

  5. Copy /opt/SUNWcacao/bin/cacaoadm restart in case of Solaris and /opt/sun/cacao/bin/cacaoadm restart in case of Linux.

  6. Install the portal using psconfig --config example6.xml (this file may vary depending on what the user wants to install).

    The example files can be accessed from <PS_INSTALL_DIR>/SUNWportal/samples/psconfig in case of Solaris and <PS_INSTALL_DIR>/portal/samples/psconfig directory in case of Linux. README.txt in the same directory explains the configuration of each example file.

  7. Start the CACAO.

Deleting a portal and creating it again with the same name fails. (#6361883)


The instance ID of a portal continues to exist in the directory server even after a portal is deleted and prevents creation of another instance with the same name.

Portal install document lacks sample configuration file examples. (#6385520)


Sample default configuration file with appropriate values needs to be provided in the document.


The following is sample values for the configuration file:

INST_GWNAME% — "default"

URI% -"/portal"

Deleting portal on Weblogic does not remove portal information. (#6376297)


Install Portal Server 7 on Weblogic managed server. Run psadmin delete-portal command. This does notremove all portal related information from and brings it back to its initial fresh state.

Portlet needs to be deployed from console for portal running on admin server. (#6338787)


When you add a portlet channel to the desktop and load the user desktop, it displays an error message.


The portlet will appear on the user's desktop if deployed again from Weblogic console.

Portal installation on Weblogic managed server fails. (#6347297)


When Access Manager and Portal Server are on the same Weblogic managed server, the portal installation fails. However, if Access Manager and Portal Server are on different managed servers, then the portal installation works.

In multiple portal instances deleting one instance corrupts the others too. (#6376216)


After creating three portal instances on three managed servers deployed on Weblogic, runningpsadmin delete-instance corrupts script and you cannot run the other two portal instances.


Backup the script before performing the psadmin delete-instance operation. After you delete the portal instance, restore the backed up script and the other portal instances on the same domain will continue to work.