Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Release Notes


Name of new tab created from desktop not visible in psconsole. (#6363585)


When you create a new tab tab1 from the portal desktop, the new tab still has the name as JSPTabCustomTableContainer1 and sometimes it is JSPTabCustomTableContainer0.

On selecting layout successive new frames are opened. (#6347765)


Log on to the portal desktop and select the provider as FrameTabContainer. Click Layout and choose any layout by clicking the radio button. The changed layout appears in a new tab frame and not in the original frame. Successive new frames are opened whenever the layout is changed in the new frame.

Value field needs to be made compulsory for Integer Property creation. (#6364215)


Try creating an Integer Property without a value. Property creation fails.


Do not leave the Integer Property value field empty.

Clicking help links on portal desktop displays error. (#6340627)


Log on to portal desktop and click the help link for any of the channels and an error message is displayed.

WebSphere Weather portlet displays error. (#6396623)


Log on to portal desktop and click the portlet samples tab, the Weather portlet displays an error. Instead, it should display “The service is currently not available.”

User's time zone is not reflected in Showtime portlet. (#6401315)


After logging in to portal desktop, click Edit under User Information. Change Timezone to BMT and click Finished. The User Information still shows IST (Calcutta).