Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Release Notes

Mobile Access

Mobile Access enhancements include:

Print to Fax

The fax gateway feature allows mobile device users to send a document to a fax machine located anywhere. In this release, Mobile Access software addresses one feature where you can fax one or more documents which are available as a received email attachment(s).

MSISDN Support

The MSISDN Number is the standard international telephone number used to identify a mobile subscriber. MSISDN authentication eliminates the need for authentication from users. Automatic authentication is achieved by determining the user based on the MSISDN number of the subscriber.

Image Transcoding

Mobile Access includes functionality to convert different types images into forms that can be displayed on mobile devices.

Support for email Attachments

The List attachment(s) option appears when one or more attachments are attached to the message. Users can click the link to view the attachment provided the attached file format is supported by the mobile device's browser. If the file format is not supported by the mobile device's browser, you can download the file and view it later with a suitable software.

Mail Voicelet

The Mail Voicelet provides email access to the user through the voice interface. You should be able to perform basic email-related operations such as receiving email messages, obtain an email summary, listen to the headers and body of a specific message, and delete an email message.

Usability Improvements

Redundant pages and unnecessary email summary information has been removed for easy email access from mobile devices.

Support for Native cHTML

CHTML is now fully supported, when in native mode with rendering turned off.

Support for Java Server PageTM Comm Channels

The Mobile Access communication channels JSPs can utilize the new SSO adapter tag library, in addition to the current Mobile Access tag libraries. The URL builder tag libraries that are used by the Portal Server communication channel JSPs are not applicable to Mobile Access, as they generate URLs for unsupported clients.