Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Release Notes


Proxylet can be deployed for the entire enterprise domain or for a few selected applications on the enterprise domain. This is achieved by means of Proxylet rules. For more information, please refer to Chapter 6, Modifying Proxylet Rules, in Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Configuration Guide.

If Proxylet is deployed for the entire enterprise domain, then all applications including the main portal page will be served through Proxylet. If Proxylet is deployed only for a few selected application, it provides an option to configure application URLs. These application URLs will be displayed on the Proxylet channel.

When a user clicks on a link, Proxylet is launched if it is not already running. Once Proxylet is launched, the user is redirected to the application URL page or the portal desktop page based on the deployment option. The Proxylet UI contains controls to stop and start Proxylet. Clicking the stop button restores the proxy settings and stops the server.

Please advise your users that when using the Proxylet applets, browser pop-up blockers must be disabled. When the user clicks on the Proxylet channel, a pop-up box appears much like Netlet and other applet applications. If the user is logged in to Portal Server, invoked Proxylet, and is using Netscape 7.0, the user must restart the Netscape browser.