Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Resolving Conflicting OID's in the LDAP Schema Directory

If your LDAP schema directory contains conflicting OID's, the Directory Server does not know which OID to use and returns an error message. For example, the following message indicates a conflicting OID for the icsCalendarUser object class:

[24/Apr/2004:23:45:28 -0700] dse - 
The entry cn=schema in file 99user.ldif is invalid, 
error code 20 (Type or value exists) - object class icscalendaruser: 
   The name does not match the OID. 
   Another object class is already using the name or OID.
[24/Apr/2004:23:45:28 -0700] dse - 
Please edit the file to correct the reported problems 
and then restart the server.

This problem can occur when you install Calendar Server 62005Q4 and you also had an older Calendar Server release that dynamically updated your LDAP server schema 99user.ldif file.

    To resolve the conflicting OID's, perform the following two steps:

  1. Edit the 99user.ldif file and remove the older OID's. For Calendar Server 62005Q4, the following table lists the specific OID's that might cause problems.

    Object Class 

    Old OID 

    New OID 







  2. After you edit the 99user.ldif file, restart the Directory Server.