Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Administration, User Preferences and Authentication Panel

Figure 3–2 Administration, User Preferences and Authentication Configuration Panel

This is a screen shot of the Administration, User Preferences
and Authentication panel.

User Preferences Directory Options

LDAP Server Host Name

Host name of the LDAP directory server you are using for user authentication. Default: current host

LDAP Server Port

Port number that the LDAP server listens on. Default: 389

Directory Manager DN

User name that can make changes in the directory server schema. Default: cn=Directory Manager

Directory Manager Password

Password of the Directory Manager. Default: None

Base DN

Entry in the LDAP directory used as the starting point from which searches will occur. Default: o=currentdomain.

This can be modified to fit your deployment needs. To retrieve the root suffix created by, click Get. The baseDN obtained this way is only a suggestion created from the current settings. Whatever you use for the baseDN, it must be consistent with the LDAP content.

Note –

Before you click Get, you must enter the Directory Manager DN and password to authenticate to the directory server.

Calendar Server Administrator Options

Administrator User ID

User ID of the Calendar Server Administrator; must be a user in the above LDAP directory server. Default: calmaster

Administrator Password

Password of the Calendar Server Administrator. Default: None

Click Next to continue, Back to return to the previous panel, or Cancel to exit.