Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Postinstallation Database Migration Utilities

After you have installed Sun Java System Calendar Server, if you have calendar databases and LDAP database entries from your old Calendar Server 5.1.1 installation, run the following utilities in the order given:

  1. cs5migrate

    Migrates your calendar databases from Calendar Server version 5 to version 6 format. These utilities are available for download from technical support.

    If you plan to use the Connector for Microsoft Outlook and have recurring components, then use cs5migrate_recurring, which creates a master record and exceptions for each recurring series.

    If you do not have recurring components in your existing database, or you do have them, but do not plan to use the Connector for Microsoft Outlook, use cs5migrate.

    Both cs5migrate and cs5migrate_recurring are available only from technical support. They are not packaged with the product.

  2. csmig

    Assigns an owner to each calendar in the Calendar Server 6 database and maps each calendar ID (calid) to an owner, if needed, which allows support for hosted (virtual) domains and the LDAP Calendar Lookup Database (CLD) plug-in. This utility is packaged with Calendar Server. Run this utility after cs5migrate and before csvdmig.

  3. csvdmig

    Upgrades a Calendar Server 6 site to use hosted (virtual) domains by adding the calendar’s domain (@domainname) to each calid. For example, in the domain, jdoe’s calid would now be This utility is packaged with Calendar Server. Run this utility after cs5migrate, and csmig.

  4. commdirmig

    Migrates LDAP data from Schema 1 to Schema 2 in preparation for use with Access Manager 6.1 or higher. This utility is packaged with Access Manager.