Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 2005Q4 SP5 Release Notes


The following table lists the known issues in Installation.

Table 14 Known Issues in Installation

Problem ID 



JDK only upgrade results in disabling search (user receives an exception, and search page will not be accessible from GUI). 

Workaround: This exception does not happen if 61SP2 core is also installed along with, or prior to installing JDK alone. In addition, if 61SP2 core is installed on top of a JDK-upgraded Web Server 6.1 SP1, the exception does not show up.


Sun Java System Web Server will not start if it is installed into a directory with spaces in the name, for instance, Program Files. You will not receive an error message about this during installation, but following installation the server will not start.

Workaround: Do no install the Web Server into a directory with spaces in the name.


On Windows, the Sun Java System Web Server installer will not take a long name as server_root.

Workaround: Specify a path name for the Sun Java System Web Server installation directory that is no longer than 128 characters (even though the dialog allows you to enter up to 256 characters).


On Solaris, ctrl+b does not work on screens that follow the Fully Qualified Domain Name screen in the installer (starting with the User and Group Name screen).

Workaround: If you need to return to previous screens during the installation, quit the installer and start again.


On AIX: ctrl-c makes the terminal screen hang during installation.

This occurs on the computer name screen (the screen used to specify the name of the computer on which the Web Server will be installed). 


Some SNMP related files are overwritten when upgrading to Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP1. 

Workaround: Back up the following files before the upgrade:

$server-root/plugins/snmp/ magt/CONFIG

$server-root/plugins/snmp/ sagt/CONFIG