Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 2005Q4 SP5 Release Notes


The following table lists the known issues in Migration.

Table 15 Known Issues in Migration

Problem ID 



Can't change the document root of migrated server from 4.1. 

Workaround: Edit the migrated instance's obj.conf and server.xml manually. These files are located under <code><SERVER_ROOT>/<HTTPS-INSTANCE>/config directory.

In obj.conf change the line:

NameTrans fn=document-root root="<existing_doc_root>"


NameTrans fn=document-root root="$docroot"

In server.xml under the relevant VSCLASS change the line:

<PROPERTY name="docroot" value="<existing_doc_root>"/>


<PROPERTY name="docroot" value="<new_doc_root>"/>


ktsearch.jar is not getting migrated correctly on Sun Java Enterprise System 3 (JES3). 

Workaround: Manually edit the server.xml file of the migrated instance to point to the correct path.

For Linux: /opt/sun/private/share/lib/ktsearch.jar

For Solaris Sparc: /usr/share/lib/ktsearch.jar


Web-apps file status ignored during migration from 6.0 to 6.1 

Web-apps status defined at the file level in the server.xml file is not getting migrated. If a user has switched off the status of the web-apps file to suppress them, upon migration these web-apps are exposed.

Workaround: Edit the server.xml file of the migrated instance and turn off status for each web-app.


Installation of SP_2 patch on existing install (update) 

If you wish to upgrade the Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 that is installed as a part of Sun Java Enterprise System (JES), to the latest Service Pack, you will have to download and apply the relevant patches, for more details please refer to the JES 3 Migration and Upgrade guide.