Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes

Mail Issues

Adding a Large Attachment Results in a “Page Not Found” error. (6193396)

You will see this error if you attempt to attach a file larger than the default maximum (5 MB).

Communications Express Mail Tab Not Visible when User has mailAllowedServiceAccess: +ALL:* (6260646)

The mail tab for users that have attributes set as mailAllowedServiceAccess: +ALL:* is not visible.


Do not add mailAllowedServiceAccess:+ALL:* attribute; and if exists remove it. This is the same as attribute +ALL:*.

Forwarded Message Saved as Draft Appears to Lose the Forwarded Attachment. (6217929)

When users save forwarded messages that have attachments, the drafts in the Drafts folder do not show the attachments (or forwarded messages). However, the recipients receive the forwarded messages or attachments. This causes some confusion to the users as they have no indication that the message (in draft ) includes an attachment or a forwarded message.

Inbox Shows Unread Message Count as “Inbox(0)”. (6298043)

Communications Express shows the unread message count as 0 even when the mailbox contains unread messages.

New Content Shown Twice when Forwarding Messages. (6314465)

When users forward messages with new content added in Rich Text Format (RTF), the new message is shown twice in the forwarded message.

Text in the New Message Text Area is Replaced by the String “undefined” When Editing Messages in Plain Text on Mozilla Browser on Solaris. (6264555)

Communications Express incorrectly replaces all text with the string “undefined” when users perform a spell check and edit messages using the Edit button. The behavior is seen on Solaris 9 Operating Systems running Mozilla 1.4.