Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes

Address Book Issues

The Address Book Name Cannot be Localized by defaultps/dictionary-<lang\>.xml for Every Session. (4995472)

The address book name cannot be localized because the localized value which is based on the resolved session language and the domain specific defaultps/dictionary-<lang\>.xml is assigned when the address book is accessed for the first time.

The “Name” and “Description” entered in the Address Book Options page are also not displayed in the current Address Book drop-down list that appears on the Address Book tab page.

Importing Data from Outlook CSV Format Creates Invalid Birthday and Anniversary. (6308706)

When users try to import Microsoft Outlook data in CSV format into Communications Express, the entries for Birthday and Anniversary are incorrectly set to 00/00/00.

Deleted Attributes in Address Book Not Indexed; Causing a Performance Overhead. (6213691)

Address book does not index deleted groups. This results in a performance overhead while performing search on the Address Book component of the Communications Express.