Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2005Q4 Customization Guide

Customizing the Message Composition Window

This section describes how to modify the Message Composition window

Figure 5–5 Communications Express Message Composition Window

Figure showing the Communications Express message composition window.

You can modify the following in the Message Composition window:

Modifying the Message Composition Window

To modify the Message Composition window, edit the appropriate files as follows:

To customize the window, edit the compFrameHTML() function in the comp_fs_lr.html file.

Functionally, compFrameHTML() in comp_fs_lr.html assembles the code and assigns the functions to the graphics by calling WMtoolbar() in main.js which also handles colors and text-only versions. The compFrameHTML() function in comp_fs_lr.html generates the “To”, “Cc”, and “Bcc” control area by calling i18n_compose_controls() in lang/i18n.js.

Example 5–6 shows the necessary changes to be made in the file en/i18n.js for changing the text “Recipients” to “Send to”.

Example 5–6 Altering Composition Window Text (en/i18n.js)

// Message Composition
i18n[’recipient’] = ’ Send To

The emoticons appear on the screen if the Text/HTML option is set to HTML. By default the Text/HTML option is set to Text format.

Example 5–7 shows how to edit the main.js file to enable emoticons.

Example 5–7 Altering Composition Window to Enable Emoticons

var iconHREF = 'msg_svr_base/imx/'

Example 5–8 shows how to edit main.js file to disable emoticons.

Example 5–8 Altering Composition Window to Disable Emoticons

var iconHREF = ’ ’