Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Upgrade to Portal Server 7 Software on Solaris

  1. Go to the directory where you have downloaded the software and unzip the Portal Server zip file.

  2. Go to Product/portal_svr/Tools/upgrade/bin directory and type ./psupgrade.

    The upgrade script requires you to provide the following:

    • Access Manager server administrator's password.

    • Access Manager ldapuser password

    • Directory Server Directory Manager password.

    • Web container administrator's password.

    • Web container Master Password in case of Application Server 8.1 for Portal Server software installation.

    • Secure remote access certificate database password if Secure Remote Access was previously installed on this machine.

    • Secure Remote Access log user password if Secure Remote Access or its constituents were previously installed on this machine.

    When you upgrade, the upgraded Portal Server installation is located at PortalServer6.3.1-base/SUNWportal directory, where PortalServer6.3.1-base is the name of the directory in which the Java Enterprise System 3 Portal Server was installed.

  3. Restart the Portal Server web container and Gateway (if Gateway was installed and upgraded).

  4. If you performed an upgrade on Application Server 8.1, do the following:

    • Remove any line breaks in the server classpath value.

    • Remove the classpath entry corresponding to jss3.jar.

  5. If you performed an upgrade on Web Server 6.1, do the following after Access Manager upgrade and before starting Portal Server upgrade:

    • Edit Web Server's server.xml file.

    • Modify classpathsuffix entry jss3.jar to jss4.jar.

    • Add PortalServer6.3.1-base/lib/ to serverclasspath.

    • Add PortalServer6.3.1-base/lib/ to nativelibraryprefix.