Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Verify the Installation

Verify the Portal Server software installation by:

  1. Type protocol://fully-qualified-hostname:port/portal-URI in the browser.

    When you type the URL, the welcome page, a short description of Portal server and links to sample portals that you selected for installation is displayed. Click on one of the links and access the anonymous portal desktop for the sample portal. If the sample Portal desktop displays without any exception, then your Portal Server installation was successful.

  2. Type protocol://fully-qualified-hostname:port/psconsole in the browser.

  3. Run the following command to check if the gateway is running on the specified port (the default port is 443):

    netstat -an | grep port-number

    If the gateway is not running, use the following command to start the gateway:

    PortalServer7-base/bin/psadmin start-sra-instance -u amadmin -f amadmin-password-file --instance-type gateway --instance-name GatewayInstanceName

    By default the PortalServer7–base is /opt/SUNWportal

    Note –

    Create a file and add amadmin password in plaint text and pass it as an input to the -f option above.

    Also view the log files. The log file name is picked up from the property called in the platform.conf file.

  4. Run the Portal Server in secure mode by typing the gateway URL in your browser:


    If you have chosen the default port (443) during installation, you need not specify the port number.