Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Install on a Second Machine

The GUI installer cannot be used for multi portal installation. Follow the instructions in this section to install Portal Server on a second machine.

  1. Install Access Manager SDK and web container first.

  2. Start the web container and then invoke the Portal Server software GUI installer to install the software in configure later mode.

  3. Copy the /etc/opt/SUNWcacao/security directory from the machine where the first portal resides to the second machine.

  4. Restart the CACAO server on the second machine.

    For Solaris, use the command /opt/SUNWcacao/bin/cacaoadm restart.

    for Linux, use the command /opt/sun/cacao/bin/cacaoadm restart.

  5. Complete the Portal Server installation by running the psconfig --config example-config-xml-file command.

    The psconfig utility is located in PortalServer7–base/bin. By default, PortalServer7–base is /opt/SUNWportal.

    The example files are located in the following directories:

    For Solaris:PortalServer7-base/samples/psconfig

    For Linux: PortalServer7-base/samples/psconfig. By default, PortalServer7–base for Linux is /opt/portal.

  6. Edit the configuration xml example files to specify the configuration details.

    For more details on constructing a config xml file, see Constructing a Configuration XML File.