Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo manually add Mobile Comms Channels

You must perform the following steps to enable JSPComms Channels to work with Mobile Access application.

  1. From the Portal Server console, click Manage Channels and Containers.

  2. In the pop-up window, select DeveloperSample from Select Directory drop-down menu.

  3. From View Type, select JSPRenderingContainer or JSPNativeContainer.

  4. From Container Task select MobileAddressBook, MobileCalendar, and MobileMail channels and click Add.

  5. On the portal desktop, configure the Communications Express Address Book, Communications Express Calendar, and Communications Express Mail channels, which are available by default.

    After you add the Comms Channels to either the JSPRenderingContainer or JSPNativeContainer, they can be accessed from a mobile device.