Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Enterprise Sample Guide

Using the Sample Template

ProcedureTo Use Sample Templates

  1. Copy the Enterprise Sample templates from PortalServer-DataDir/portals/portal-ID/desktop/enterprise_sample/ to your custom directory under PortalServer-DataDir/portals/portal-ID/desktop and only modify the templates in the custom directory.

    Copy all the templates and JSP files from the sample directory to your custom directory before changing the portal desktop type service attribute.

  2. Login to the Portal Server management console as administrator (amadmin).

  3. Click the Portals tab.

  4. Click the portal-ID in the Portals list.

  5. Select EnterpriseSample [Org] in the Select DN list.

  6. Modify the Desktop Type setting with your custom directory name.

    This field supports a comma separated list of values.

  7. Select Save.