Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Enterprise Sample Guide

Defining the Login Failed Page

ProcedureTo Define the Login Failed Page

You can specify a custom login failed page when a user fails to authenticate to Portal Server.

  1. Login to the Access Manager console as administrator.

    By default, when you log in, Identity Management is selected in the location pane, and Organizations is selected in the Navigation pane.

  2. Select the EnterpriseSample organization.

  3. Select Services from the View menu.

  4. Click the properties icon arrow next to Core under Authentication Modules.

  5. Specify the login failed URL for the Default Failure Login URL.

    The Enterprise Sample specifies the default login failure URL for the AdventureSports Cafe as The JSP file that determines what to do with a login failure is PortalServer-DataDir/portals/portal-ID/desktop/enterprise_sample/ASCTabContainer/anonymous.jsp.

  6. Customize the anonymous.jsp file in PortalServer-Datadir/portals/portal-ID/desktop/enterprise_sample/ASCTabContainer directory.