Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Restoring the Supplier in a Single-Master Scenario

A suffix that is a single-master supplier contains the authoritative data for the entire replication topology. Therefore, restoring this suffix is equivalent to reinitializing all data in the entire topology. You should restore a single master only if you want to reinitialize all data from the contents of the backup to be restored.

If the single-master data is not recoverable due to an error, consider using the data on one of the consumers because it might contain updates that are more recent than a backup. In this case, you need to export the data from the consumer replica to an LDIF file, and reinitialize the master from the LDIF file.

Whether you restore a backup or import an LDIF file on a master replica, you must then reinitialize all of the hubs and consumer replicas that receive updates from this replica. A message is logged to the supplier servers’ log files to remind you that reinitialization of the consumers is required.