Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Restoring a Supplier in a Multi-Master Scenario

In multi-master replication, the other masters each contain an authoritative copy of the replicated data. You cannot restore an old backup because it might be out of date with the current replica contents. If possible, allow the replication mechanism to bring the master up to date from the contents of the other masters.

If that is not possible, restore a multi-master replica in one of the following ways:

Regardless of how you restore or reinitialize, the master replica will remain in read-only mode after the initialization. This behavior allows the replica to synchronize with the other masters, after which time you may allow write operations, as described in Restoring a Master in a Multi-Master Scenario.

The advantage of allowing all replicas to converge before allowing write operations on the restored or reinitialized master is that none of the hub or consumer servers will require reinitialization.