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Netra™ High Availability Suite 3.0 1/08 Foundation Services SA Forum Programming Guide






Foundation Services SA Forum CLM API


Characteristics of the CLM API

Setting Up the Development Environment

Introduction to the Development Environment

Setting Up the Development Host

Setting Up a Foundation Services Cluster

Installing Libraries and Header Files

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Install the Developer Package and Trace Package

Building CLM Applications

Installing Applications on a Cluster

Setting Up a Makefile

Compiling Applications

Including Applications in a Startup Script

Running Your Applications on the Cluster

Application Examples

Library Life Cycle

Retrieving Node Information Using the CLM API

Retrieving Information About a Node

Retrieving Information About All Nodes in the Cluster

Using the saClmClusterNodeT Structure for Information About Cluster Nodes

Understanding Change Notifications

Introduction to Change Notifications

Understanding the Structure of Notifications

Debugging Applications in the Foundation Services

Reporting Application Errors

Reading Error Information for Debugging

Stopping the Daemon Monitor for Debugging

Broken Pipe Error Messages