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Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Service for Oracle Real Application Clusters Guide
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1.  Installing Support for Oracle RAC

2.  Configuring Storage for Oracle Files

3.  Registering and Configuring the Resource Groups

4.  Enabling Oracle RAC to Run in a Cluster

5.  Administering Support for Oracle RAC

6.  Troubleshooting Support for Oracle RAC

7.  Modifying an Existing Configuration of Support for Oracle RAC

8.  Upgrading Support for Oracle RAC

A.  Sample Configurations of This Data Service

B.  Preset Actions for DBMS Errors and Logged Alerts

C.  Support for Oracle RAC Extension Properties

SUNW.asm_diskgroup Extension Properties

SUNW.crs_framework Extension Properties

SPARC: SUNW.rac_cvm Extension Properties

SUNW.rac_framework Extension Properties

SUNW.rac_svm Extension Properties

SPARC: SUNW.rac_udlm Extension Properties

SUNW.scalable_asm_diskgroup_proxy Extension Properties

SUNW.scalable_asm_instance Extension Properties

SUNW.scalable_asm_instance_proxy Extension Properties

SUNW.scalable_rac_listener Extension Properties

SUNW.scalable_rac_server Extension Properties

SUNW.scalable_rac_server_proxy Extension Properties

SUNW.ScalDeviceGroup Extension Properties

SUNW.ScalMountPoint Extension Properties

SPARC: SUNW.vucmm_cvm Extension Properties

SUNW.vucmm_framework Extension Properties

SUNW.vucmm_svm Extension Properties

SUNW.wait_zc_boot Extension Properties

D.  Command-Line Alternatives


SUNW.asm_diskgroup Extension Properties


This property specifies the Oracle ASM disk group. If required, more than one Oracle ASM disk group can be specified as a comma separated list.

Data Type: String array

Default: Not applicable

Range: Not applicable

Tunable: When disabled


Provides control over the processes that are monitored through the Process Monitor Facility (PMF). This property denotes the level to which the forked child processes are monitored. Omitting this property or setting this property to the default value is the same as omitting the -Coption for pmfadm(1M). All child processes and their descendents are monitored.

Category: Optional

Default: -1

Tunable When disabled


Note - All SQL*Plus and srvmgr messages that the Oracle ASM disk group resource issues are written to the log file /var/opt/SUNWscor/oracle_asm/message_log.${RESOURCE}.

This property indicates the level to which debug messages for the Oracle ASM disk group resources are logged. When the debug level is increased, more debug messages are written to the system log /var/adm/messages as follows:

No debug messages
Function Begin and End messages
All debug messages and function Begin/End messages

You can specify a different value of the debug_level extension property for each node that can master the resource.

Data Type: Integer

Range: 0–2

Default: 0

Tunable: Any time


Allows the resources to fail over. If this property is set to False, failover of the resource is disabled. You can use this property to prevent the application resource from initiating a failover of the resource group.

Note - Use the Failover_mode property instead of the Failover_enabled extension property because Failover_mode better controls failover behavior. For more information, see the descriptions of the LOG_ONLY and RESTART_ONLY values for Failover_mode in r_properties(5).

Category: Optional

Default: True

Tunable: When disabled


Specifies the level, or type, of diagnostic messages that are logged by GDS. You can specify None, Info, or Err for this property. When you specify None, diagnostic messages are not logged by GDS. When you specify Info, both information and error messages are logged. When you specify Err, only error messages are logged.

Category: Optional

Default: Info

Tunable: Any time


This property specifies whether an application uses the network.

Category: Optional

Default: False

Tunable: At creation


This property specifies the number of PMF restart allowed for the fault monitor.

Default: 4

Tunable: Any time


This property specifies the number of PMF restart allowed for the fault monitor.

Default: 2

Tunable: Any time


Specifies the command that periodically checks the health of the single instance Oracle ASM.

Category: Required

Default: /opt/SUNWscor/oracle_asm/bin/asm_control probe -R %RS_NAME -G %RG_NAME -T %RT_NAME

Tunable: None


This property specifies the timeout value, in seconds, for the probe command.

Category: Optional

Default: 30 seconds

Tunable: Any time


Specifies the command that mounts the Oracle ASM disk group.

Category: Required

Default: /opt/SUNWscor/oracle_asm/bin/asm_control start -R %RS_NAME -G %RG_NAME -T %RT_NAME

Tunable: None


Specifies the command that dismounts the Oracle ASM disk group.

Category: Required

Default: /opt/SUNWscor/oracle_asm/bin/asm_control stop -R %RS_NAME -G %RG_NAME -T %RT_NAME

Tunable: None


Specifies the command that send stop signal to the Oracle ASM disk group.

Category: Optional

Default: 15

Tunable: When disabled


Specifies the absolute path to the command that validates the application, although currently not used.

Category: Optional

Default: NULL

Tunable: When disabled