Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Downloading OpenSSO Enterprise

OpenSSO Enterprise is available in the file, which you can download from the following site:

The following table describes the layout after you unzip the file. The directory where you unzip the file is represented by zip-root.

Table 3–1 OpenSSO Enterprise File Layout

zip-root/opensso/ Directory



OpenSSO Enterprise WAR and related files: 


Java API reference documentation (opensso-public-javadocs.jar).


  • cleartrust contains the files to install and configure a custom authentication module that enables the SSO integration between OpenSSO Enterprise and RSA Access Manager (formerly RSA ClearTrust).

  • oracle contains the files for integrating OpenSSO Enterprise with Oracle Access Manager (formerly Oblix).

  • siteminder contains the files for integrating OpenSSO Enterprise with Computer Associates SiteMinder.

fedlet file. After you unzip this file, fedlet.war allows you to deploy the Fedlet, a light-weight SAMLv2 service provider (SP). Follow the instructions in the Readme to configure the Fedlet metadata and COT and to deploy fedlet.war.


LDIF files for Sun Java System Directory Server, Microsoft Active Directory, and other LDAPv3 compliant directory servers. 


DLL and JAR files for components such as OpenSSO Enterprise client SDK, the C SDK library for web policy agents, and the Secure Attribute Exchange (SAE) also known as Virtual Federation Proxy. 


Reserved for future use. 


Client SDK and samples (

See Chapter 13, Installing the OpenSSO Enterprise Client SDK.


OpenSSO Enterprise tools and utilities: 

  • contains files to setup and run the OpenSSO Enterprise command-line (CLI) utilities and scripts such as ssoadm and ampassword.

  • contains the files to setup and configure OpenSSO Enterprise session failover.

  • helpers contains files for the UNIX authentication helper (amunixd).

See Chapter 6, Installing the OpenSSO Enterprise Utilities and Scripts.


Upgrade scripts and related files to upgrade Access Manager or Federation Manager. 

See the Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Upgrade Guide.


OpenSSO Enterprise XML files, such as amAdminConsole.xml, amAuth.xml, amSession.xml, and amUser.xml.