Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Chapter 12 Installing OpenSSO Enterprise Server Only

In some deployments, you might need to install the Sun OpenSSO Enterprise server without the administration console. For instance, you might want to use only the command-line utilities such as ssoadm to access the server. This chapter describes these topics:

Requirements to Deploy OpenSSO Enterprise Server Only

You must deploy the OpenSSO Enterprise server to a supported web container, as listed in the OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Requirements.

Generating a WAR File to Deploy OpenSSO Enterprise Server Only

To generate a WAR file to deploy OpenSSO Enterprise server without an administration console, use the jar command to extract the files from the opensso.war file and then to generate the specialized WAR file.

ProcedureTo Generate a WAR File to Deploy OpenSSO Enterprise Server Only

Before You Begin

Download and unzip the file. You will then need the following files:

where zip-root is where you unzipped the file.

For more information about the opensso.war file, see Downloading OpenSSO Enterprise.

  1. Make sure that your JAVA_HOME environment variable points to JDK 1.5 or later.

  2. Create a new staging directory and extract the files from opensso.war in this staging directory. For example:

    # mkdir noconsolestaging
    # cd noconsolestaging
    # jar xvf zip-root/opensso/deployable-war/opensso.war
  3. Create the server only WAR using the files in fam-noconsole.list:

    # cd noconsolestaging
    # jar cvf zip-root/opensso/deployable-war/noconsole.war \

    where noconsole.war is the name of the new server only WAR file.

  4. Update the WAR file created in previous step with the additional files required for the specific server only WAR. For example:

    # cd zip-root/opensso/deployable-war/noconsole
    # jar uvf zip-root/opensso/deployable-war/noconsole.war *

    You are now ready to configure the new noconsole.war, as described in the next section.

Deploying OpenSSO Enterprise Server Only

ProcedureTo Deploy OpenSSO Enterprise Server Only

  1. Login as a user who has the following privileges:

    • Access to the web container administration console, if you plan to deploy Distributed Authentication UI server WAR file using the console.


    • The capability to execute the web container's deploy command-line utility, if you plan to deploy the WAR file using the CLI.

  2. Make sure that the web container for the server only deployment is running.

  3. Deploy the server only WAR file using the using the web container administration console or deployment command.

  4. Restart the OpenSSO Enterprise Server web container.

Next Steps

Configure the server only deployment using the Configurator: