Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Running the JSP Compiler

The OpenSSO Enterprise JSP files require JDK 1.5 (or later), but on WebSphere Application Server 6.1, the JDK source level for JSP files is set to JDK 1.3 by default.

To reset the JDK source level on WebSphere Application Server 6.1:

  1. Open the WEB-INF/ibm-web-ext.xmi file.

    JSP engine configuration parameters are stored either in a web module's configuration directory or in a web module's binaries directory in the WEB-INF/ibm-web-ext.xmi file:

    • Configuration directory. For example:

      {WAS_ROOT}/profiles/profilename/config/cells/cellname/applications/ enterpriseappname/deployments/deployedname/webmodulename/

    • Binaries directory, if an application was deployed into WebSphere Application Server with the flag “Use Binary Configuration” flag set to true. For example:

      {WAS_ROOT}/profiles/profilename/installedApps/nodename/ enterpriseappname/webmodulename/

  2. Delete the compileWithAssert parameter by either deleting the statement from the file or enclosing the statement with comment tags (<!-- ... –->).

  3. Add the jdkSourceLevel parameter with the value of 15. For example:

    <jspAttributes xmi:id="JSPAttribute_1" name="jdkSourceLevel" value="15"/>

    Note: The integer (_1) in JSPAttribute_1 must be unique within the file.

  4. Save the ibm-web-ext.xmi file.

  5. Restart WebSphere Application Server for the new value to take effect.

For more information about the jdkSourceLevel parameter as well as other JSP engine configuration parameters, see: