Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Release Notes

Authentication Issues

4103: Windows Desktop SSO authentication module returns “No Configuration Found” error

If you configure a Windows Desktop SSO authentication module to perform a Kerberos authentication from Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows Server 2003, the “No configuration found" error is returned.

4100: Certificate authentication with CRL checking fails

If you configure Certificate authentication and enable “Match Certificate to CRL” the authentication fails. See also the related issue 4085: OpenSSO Enterprise is unable to store the CRL in the LDAP directory.

4054: amadmin authentication fails with URL org parameter

If the OpenSSO Enterprise Admin (amadmin) creates a new realm (such as myorg) and later tries to log in to the new realm as follows:


OpenSSO Enteprise returns an Authentication Failed error.

Workaround. As amadmin, you can log in only to the root realm (and only to Data Store or Application modules).

1781: amadmin login fails for non Data Store authentication

If you change the authentication module for the root realm to anything besides DataStore, amadmin will not be able to log into the Console.

Workaround. Log in using http://host.domain/deployurl/UI/Login?module=DataStore.