Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Release Notes

Policy Issues

3952: Server samples are missing the policy samples link

The index.html under host:port/uri/samples displays:

1. Authentication Samples
2. ID-FF Sample
3. SAMLv2 Sample
4. Multi-Federation Protocols Sample

However, the following link to the policy samples is missing in index.html: host:port/uri/samples/policy/policy-plugins.html

Workaround: Open the host:port/uri/samples/policy/policy-plugins.html file in your browser.

3949: OCSP checking needs permission added to server.policy file

To enable OCSP checking for an OpenSSO web container that has enabled the Java Security Manager, add the following permission to the server.policy (or equivalent) file:

permission "getProperty.ocsp.*";

3796: Creation of Fedlet in console failed in a console only deployment

If you generate a console only deployment, creating a Fedlet using the Console Common Tasks failed with an error message stating that there was no file or directory for sp-extended.xml. The property was not set by the console only Configurator.

Workaround. Edit the file and set the property to the configuration directory. For example:

2381: Access Manager Roles policy subject is supported only with Access Manager repository data store

The Access Manager Roles policy subject is supported only with the Access Manager Repository (AMSDK) data store. By default, this subject is disabled in the policy configuration. Therefore, enable the Access Manager Roles policy subject only if the data store type is configured to use the AMSDK plug-in.

For more information, see Chapter 15, Enabling the Access Manager SDK (AMSDK) Identity Repository Plug-in, in Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Installation and Configuration Guide.