Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Deployment Planning Guide

ProcedureTo Set Up the Workflow-based Fedlet

  1. Install and Configure OpenSSO Enterprise on the Identity Provider.

  2. On the Identity Provider, navigate through the Workflow on the OpenSSO Enterprise console to create the file.

    The file contains:

    • README.txt: A text file that contains instructions for deploying the fedlet.war and for integrating the Fedlet into an existing application.

    • fedlet.war: The Fedlet ready-to-deploy WAR file.

  3. Send the file to the Service Provider.

  4. Deploy and configure the fedlet.war file, on the Service Provider.

  5. Verify that the Fedlet was successfully installed.

    1. Access the index.jsp file on the Fedlet deployment.

    2. Click the link to create the Fedlet configuration automatically.

    3. Follow the two links in the page to test the following use-cases :

    • (Fedlet) Service Provider-initiated single sign-on

    • Identity Provider-initiated single sign-on through the hyperlinks present on the page.