Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 Guide for Apache Tomcat 6.0

ProcedureTo Download and Unzip the Distribution File

  1. Login to the server where you want to install the agent.

  2. Create a directory to unzip the distribution file.

    This guide uses Agent-HomeDirectory to represent the directory where you unzip the distribution file.

  3. Download the distribution file from one of the following sites:

    The following table shows the files and directories after you unzip the agent distribution file, which are in the following directory:


    Agent-HomeDirectory is where you unzipped the agent distribution file.

    File or Directory 


    README.txt and license.txt

    Readme and license files 


    agentadmin and agentadmin.bat programs


    Template, properties, and XML files 


    license.log file. Do not edit this file.


    Agent application (agentapp.war) and related file. For information, see Deploying the Agent Application.


    Log files written by the agentadmin or agentadmin.bat program:

    • /audit contains local audit trail for the agent instance.

    • /debug contains the debug files for the agent instance when the agent runs in debug mode.


    Required JAR files 


    Required properties files 


    Policy agent sample application. For information, see Deploying the Java EE Policy Agent Sample Application.