System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Packing a Cached File System (Task Map)

The following task map describes the procedures that are associated with packing a CacheFS file system. All of these procedures are optional.



For Instructions 

Pack files in the cache 

Identify files and directories to be loaded in the cache and pack them. Packing ensures that current copies of these files are available in the cache. 

How to Pack Files in the Cache

Create a packing list 

Create a packing list if you do not want to specify each individual file that you want packed in the cache. 

How to Create a Packing List

Pack files in the cache with a packing list 

Specify the name of the packing list of the files to be packed in the cache. 

How to Pack Files in the Cache With a Packing List

Unpack files or packing lists from the cache 

Remove a file from the cache that is no longer needed. 

How to Unpack Files or Packing Lists From the Cache

Display packed files information 

View information about the files that you've packed, including their packing status. 

How to Display Packed Files Information