System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Example—Setting Up a Spool Directory From a Remote Software Package Server

If packages you want to copy are available from a remote system, you can manually mount the directory that contains the packages (in package format) and copy them to a local spool directory.

The following example shows the commands to do this scenario. In this example, assume that the remote system named package-server has software packages in the /latest-packages directory. The mount command mounts the package directory locally on /mnt, and the pkgadd command copies the SUNWpl5p package from /mnt to the default spool directory (/var/spool/pkg).

# mount -F nfs -o ro package-server:/latest-packages /mnt
# pkgadd -d /mnt -s /var/spool/pkg SUNWpl5p
Transferring <SUNWpl5p> package instance

If the automounter is running at your site, you do not have to mount the remote package server manually. Instead, use the automounter path (in this case, /net/package-server/latest-packages) as the argument to the -d option.

# pkgadd -d /net/package-server/latest-packages -s /var/spool/pkg SUNWpl5p
Transferring <SUNWpl5p> package instance