System Administration Guide: IP Services

Example—Securing Traffic Between IPv4 Addresses

The following example describes how to secure traffic between systems with IPv4 addresses. The example uses automatic key management (IKE) to create security associations. IKE requires less administrative intervention, and scales easily to secure a large amount of traffic.

  1. Replace the /etc/inet/ipnodes file in Step 2 of How to Secure Traffic Between Two Systems with the /etc/hosts file, as in the following:

    On the system that is named partym, add enigma:

    # echo " enigma" >> /etc/hosts

    On the system that is named enigma, add partym to the /etc/hosts file:

    # echo " partym" >> /etc/hosts
  2. Edit the ipsecinit.conf file to add the IPsec policy entries.

  3. Use the ike.config(4) file rather than the ipseckey command to add security associations. See IKE Tasks for the procedures.

    Note –

    You can also manually create the keys, as described in Step 4 in How to Secure Traffic Between Two Systems.

  4. Reboot.