What's New in the Solaris 9 Operating Environment

Available With the Solaris 9 Release

GNOME 2.0 is an upcoming feature that is planned for the Solaris 9 operating environment and is currently available for preview on the web.

GNOME 2.0 Desktop for the Solaris Operating Environment

GNOME 2.0 is an advanced new user desktop planned for inclusion in the Solaris 9 operating environment. GNOME 2.0 is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Internet. GNOME 2.0 provides a user experience that will increase personal productivity. Built on free source software, GNOME is evolving into a standard across multiple UNIX platforms.

The GNOME 2.0 desktop provides powerful new features, which include:

Early Preview of the GNOME Desktop - Sun has made "Exploring the GNOME 1.4 Desktop," available for free download at http://www.sun.com/gnome. The free download enables you to explore and evaluate the capabilities of the GNOME 2.0 desktop, which is to be supported and distributed with future versions of the Solaris operating environment.

Companion CD

The Solaris 9 media includes a Companion CD with the following supplemental software:

This freeware can also be downloaded at the following Web site: