Java 2 SDK for Solaris Developer's Guide

Java HotSpot VM Equivalents to _JIT_ARGS Environment Variables

Most _JIT_ARGS environment variables are internal debugging options only and have no corresponding Java HotSpot VM options. Most simply turn off some form of optimization which may have caused instability when first introduced and could be used by the internal testing group to track down problems.

_JIT_ARGS Environment 

Java HotSpot VM Option 




jbe is the same as -Xoptimize in 1.2–based systems, jit is the default. Use -server to replace -Xoptimize (or jbe) in 1.2.



traces methods as they are compiled (debug only in 1.3, available in 1.4) 



Done automatically on both systems, force architecture using these flags (Sparc/debug only)