Solaris X Window System Developer's Guide

OpenWindows Directory Structure

The OpenWindows directory structure, which includes the Solaris X server executable and X11 core distribution libraries, is shown in Figure 1–3. Note that /openwin/etc is a symbolic link to /openwin/share/etc, /openwin/include is a link to /openwin/share/include, and /openwin/man is a link to /openwin/share/man. The /share directory contains architecture-independent files.

For more information on the X11 libraries in /openwin/lib, see X11 Libraries.

Figure 1–3 OpenWindows Directory Structure


Table 1–2 briefly describes the contents of the top level directories in the OpenWindows directory structure.

Table 1–2 OpenWindows Directories
 Directory Subdirectory Content



US and international keytables, and



ToolTalk® data files



/patterns (.xbm files and attributes)



X11 header files, /DPS, /Xaw, /Xmu, /bitmaps, /extensions



Symbolic link to /include/X11



OLIT header files 



generic.h header file 



Classing engine header files 



dga.h header file 



libhelp header files



Various bitmap files  



olgx header file



Pixrect header files 



c_varieties.h and portable.h header files



XView header files 



Server support files, /fonts, and DPS .upr files



OLIT data files 



X applications default files 



Classing Engine tables 



imake files



Symbolic link to /locale/C/help



Profiles libraries 



Locale libraries (/C, /iso_8859_1)



Xdm configuration files



64-bit X libraries 


/man1, /man1m

OpenWindows command man pages 



Library man pages, for XView, OLIT, Xt, Xlib, etc. 



AnswerBook man pages 



File format man pages 



Demos man pages 



Non-command man pages 


Server private files for internal use only 



Location of files in /etc



/PostScript, /fish, /raster



Location of files in /include



Location of files in /lib/locale



Location of files in /man



/dig_samples, /extensions, /fonts, /olit, /tooltalk, /xview