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Resources for More Information on Accessibility

For more information about software accessibility, consult the following organizations, conferences, and books.


Clearinghouse on Computer Accommodation (COCA)

18th & F Streets, NW

Room 1213

Washington, DC 20405

(202) 501-4906

A central clearinghouse of information on technology and accessibility. COCA documentation covers products, government resources, user requirements, legal requirements, and much more.

Sensory Access Foundation

385 Sherman Avenue, Suite 2

Palo Alto, CA 94306

(415) 329-0430

A nonprofit organization that consults on application of technology "to increase options for visually and hearing impaired persons." Publishes newsletters on adaptive technology.

Special Needs Project

3463 State Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93105

(805) 683-9633

Vendor of books for professionals and families on a wide variety of disability issues.

Trace Research and Development Center

S-151 Waisman Center

1500 Highland Avenue

Madison, WI 53528

(608) 262-6966

A central source for the current information on assistive technologies as well as a major research and evaluation center. Trace distributes databases and papers on adaptive technology and resources.



Conference on Technology and Persons with Disabilities

Every spring in Los Angeles, California

(818) 885-2578

Closing the Gap

Conference on Microcomputer Technology in Special Education and Rehabilitation

Every fall in Minneapolis, Minnesota

(612) 248-3294


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