Common Desktop Environment: Style Guide and Certification Checklist

Scrollable Component Navigation








Any scrollable components within your application support the appropriate navigation and scrolling operations. Your application uses the page navigation keys Page Up, Page Down, Control+Page Up (for Page Left), and Control+Page Down (for Page Right) for scrolling the visible region by a page increment. 

A user needs to be able to view and access the entire contents of a scrollable component. 



When scrolling by a page, your application leaves at least one unit of overlap between the old and new pages.  

The overlap between one page and the next yields visual continuity for the user. 



Any keyboard operation that moves the cursor to or in the component, or that inserts, deletes, or modifies items at the cursor location scrolls the component so that the cursor is visible when the operation is complete.  

The user needs to be able to see the results of moving the location cursor or operating on the contents of the scrollable component. 



If a mouse-based scrolling action is in progress, the Cancel key cancels the scrolling action and returns the scrolling device to its state prior to the start of the scrolling operation. 

The Cancel key provides a convenient way for the user to cancel a scrolling operation.