Common Desktop Environment: Style Guide and Certification Checklist









If your application uses accelerators, the component with the accelerator displays the accelerator key or key combination following the label of the component.  

An accelerator is a key or key combination that invokes the action of some component regardless of the position of the location cursor when the accelerator is pressed. So that the user knows that there is an accelerator associated with a component, the accelerator needs to be displayed. 



If a button with an accelerator is within a primary or secondary window, or within a pull-down menu system from its menu bar, it is activatable whenever the input focus is in the window or the menu bar system. If a button with an accelerator is within a pop-up menu system, it is activatable whenever the focus is in the pop-up menu system or the component with the pop-up menu.  

An accelerator must be activatable from the window or component associated with the accelerator.